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Design your own conveyor technology application!

CAD STEP data download

For our modular conveyors (indexing or continuous operation)
and our accumulating pallet circulation systems

CAD STEP data download

To support your design department in planning your production systems, we offer you the special service of requesting CAD STEP data for our conveyor technology products quickly, easily and without obligation via our contact and download function.

The data will be transmitted immediately by e-mail, download links will lead you to the desired data.

Quick guide: STEP data download and editing

For further support, we provide you below with a quick guide to downloading and editing the STEP data.

Data request

You can access the contact form for data requests either via the respective product page
or via the product overview.

Data transmission

The data requested by you will be transmitted immediately after sending the contact form.
In the e-mail we provide you with various possible versions of our product.

You can download the data compressed as a ZIP file by clicking on the corresponding product image.

CAD STEP data transfer

Design examples

Using our Indexing conveyors as an example, you have the option of moving the deflection (in the grid dimension) and extruding the surface in the CAD program in order to integrate our conveyors precisely into your production application.

We would like to give you an overview of the possibilities with the following sample illustrations.

MBF-P 55 – Variants

Standard and FlexiTek

Information on stretching and compressing CAD models

Personal advice

Do you have questions or need help with the design of your production application?

We are also happy to provide you with personal advice!
Simply leave a callback request when you request your data.

CAD STEP data download
Modular conveyors for indexing or continuous operation

Module conveyor MBF-P 55/120 STEP data

STEP data:

-MBF-P 55/120-
Module conveyor MBF-P 55/120-4U STEP data

STEP data:

-MBF-P 55/120-4U
Module conveyor MBF-P 80/120 STEP data

STEP data:

-MBF-P 80/120
Module conveyor MBF-P 80/120-4U STEP data

STEP data:

-MBF-P 80/120-4U
Module conveyor MBF-P 55/100S STEP data

STEP data:

-MBF-P 55/100S-

CAD STEP data download
Accumulative pallet circulation systems

FlexiTek-55 pallet circulation system STEP data

STEP data:

FlexiTek-80 pallet circulation system STEP data

STEP data:

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