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Modular belt conveyor


Power and Free! As an accumulating pallet circulation system, it adapts to different cycle times when interlinked.

By simply connecting the structural component holder, the structural component holder can be flexibly adapted to the component dimensions.

The system can be easily adapted to the required task using stoppers, separators and indexing.

FlexiTek-55 accumulating pallet circulation system

Our FlexiTek-55 accumulating pallet circulation system is optimized for variable use and short changeover times.

FlexiTek-55 adapts easily to the different cycle times for infeed and outfeed in the interlinking of your production systems. The structural component holder can be connected in a simple way to allow different component dimensions flexibly and optimally. Using stoppers, separators and indexing, FlexiTek-55 can be adapted to the required task within a very short time.

The dimensions of the ErgoTek plastic modular belt can also be individually adapted to your production requirements for our FlexiTek pallet circulation conveyors.

The ErgoTek plastic modular belt and all drive components used are:

  • maintenance-free / free of lubricants
  • intrinsically safe / stable
  • reversible / without chain bag
  • Flexible and robust, in all installation positions

Do you have special requirements in the food or pharmaceutical industry or need solutions for ESD-compliant transportation to protect your components from electrostatic influences?

We have solutions for your requirements!

Technical data (basic version)

ErgoTek modular chain:Belt width from 160 mm (single lane)
ErgoTek modular chain:Belt length from 633 mm
Total load:up to 120 kg
Component holder changeover time:< 0.9 s (for single component holder)
Drive variant:Direct drive
Chain module pitch:27.5 mm (e.g. 55 mm)
Structural component holder:ErgoTek standard structural component holder
Standard accessories:Stoppers, separators, indexing, as standard components
FlexiTek-55 accumulating pallet circulation system (single lane)

Basic version (single lane)

Modular expansion options

ErgoTek modular chain:Belt width 320 mm (as double lane 2x 160 mm)
ErgoTek modular chain:Belt length can be extended in increments of 27.5 mm up to 15,000 mm
(longer lengths on request)
Chain modules (n):not relevant
Drive variants:without drive / indirect drive
Accessories:Stands, component holders,... on request
FlixiTek-55 1Sp double lane

Extended version (double lane)


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Pictures and video

Supply and discharge FlexiTek-55 W=360 mm

Stowable pallet circulation system - loading / processing / unloading

Bayable component holders

Horizontal pallet circulation conveyor

Accumulative pallet circulation conveyor in use

FlexiTek-55 – Version L8500 mm, W300 mm

FlexiTek interlinking


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