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Conveyor technology Components made from injection-molded plastic

ErgoTek plastic modular chain

The basis of our ErgoTek conveyor technology components are our plastic injection-molded components, which we develop in-house.

ErgoTek plastic modular chain – Quality Made in Germany

ErgoTek plastic modular chain construction
Module 80/120

Development – ErgoTek plastic modular chain

The ErgoTek plastic modular chain was developed on the basis of our many years of experience in conveyor technology and forms the basis of all ErgoTek conveyor technology products.

The focus of development was on a modular concept that enables us to manufacture products of the highest quality with maximum variability in the design of customer requirements.

This quality and variability allows us to scale our conveyor technology systems in the simplest possible way and design them precisely for the planned application. Whether as an accumulation conveyor with precise machine feed of the smallest components – over short distances – or as a continuous conveyor for the removal of ready-made shipping pallets – over long distances.

Happ GmbH mold making plastic injection molding tools
Happ GmbH plastic granulate for ErgoTek conveyor technology products
Happ GmbH Plastic injection molding production

Production – ErgoTek plastic modular chain

Expertise in metal and toolmaking, coupled with expertise in plastic injection molding, results in the successful concept of ErgoTek and Happ Kunststoffspritzguss und Formenbau GmbH.

The implementation of our component development in injection molding begins with the in-house production of plastic injection molds, where we are supported by our modern metalworking machinery and always keep an eye on the quality and grade of the tools.

Selecting the right raw materials determines the quality of our ErgoTek conveyor technology products. Only high-strength and state-of-the-art plastics are used.

The plastics are designed with a view to durability, strength and temperature stability, coupled with the guarantee of a minimum of tolerance fluctuations, so that our products meet your requirements with low wear and a long service life.

Our components are manufactured using the plastic injection molding process at Happ GmbH. Our modern plastic injection molding machinery enables us to manufacture all ErgoTek plastic components.

In addition to our ErgoTek plastic modular chain, we also manufacture all other components that ensure the safe, reliable and precise operation of our conveyor technology products.

In the production process, of course, ErgoTek’s accumulation-capable pallet circulation systems are used both in the plastic injection molding system interlinking and in the system assembly and downstream quality assurance.

ErgoTek plastic modular chain quality assurance
ErgoTek plastic modular chain quality assurance

Quality assurance – ErgoTek plastic modular chain

In-house production alone is not enough to meet our quality standards!

All parts are manufactured under the strictest quality requirements, certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016.

Following the production of each individual component, an automated inspection takes place to check the quality and grade and only 100% I.O. parts are sent on to production.

Automated assembly is used to complete the semi-finished parts into hybrid components. This work step is also carried out under the strictest testing mechanisms in order to rule out errors from the outset.

Quality assurance is our guarantee for functional safety, durability and reliability!

The reliable and fast spare parts supply of ErgoTek components avoids long downtimes – required components are delivered to you the next day via overnight shipping.

ErgoTek plastic modular chain
ErgoTek plastic modular chain
ErgoTek plastic modular chain

The finished product – ErgoTek plastic modular chains

The finished product is the result of all production steps:

We use our modules, which are produced in different sizes depending on the machine design, to manufacture the ErgoTek plastic modular chain in our in-house mechanical engineering department.

For this purpose, the individual chain links are precisely fitted together, component mounts are fitted as required and matched to the requirements of the conveyor.

This work step is also subject to strict quality control in order to minimize tolerances and optimize your production processes.

The quality promise of the ErgoTek modular chain is a maintenance-free plastic chain drive that can be flexibly and universally adapted to your production processes.

The transported goods are not the decisive factor – light, heavy, hot, cold, sharp, fragile – the ErgoTek plastic modular chain can be designed to transport any type of workpiece.

Matching workpiece carriers, which can be individually designed according to customer wishes and requirements, round off the variable design.

ErgoTek modular conveyors based on our plastic modular chain

Be inspired by our examples of individually implemented customer requirements.

We will be happy to advise you in order to develop a tailor-made solution for your company.

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