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Modular belt conveyor

Module conveyor MBF-P 55/120

Flexibly adaptable to requirements and with versatile mounting options.

A real all-rounder!

ErgoTek MBF-P 55/120 modular chain conveyor

Our MBF-P 55/120 plastic modular chain conveyor is our multi-talented conveyor system that can be flexibly adapted to your requirements.

Regardless of the installation position, the conveyor stays on track and we offer you the right accessories for your production processes. Starting with the precisely fitting frame for your individual installation situation through to special KLTs or tool holders to optimize your production processes.

The drive can be adjusted for indexing operation, continuous operation or accumulation operation and can be easily integrated into your existing machine control system.

The ErgoTek plastic modular belt and all drive components used are:

  • maintenance-free / free of lubricants
  • intrinsically safe / stable
  • reversible / without chain bag
  • Flexible and robust, in all installation positions

Do you have special requirements in the food or pharmaceutical industry or need solutions for ESD-compliant transportation to protect your components from electrostatic influences?

We have solutions for your requirements!

Technical data (basic version)

ErgoTek modular chain:Belt width from 160 mm (1-lane)
ErgoTek modular chain:Belt length from 412.5 mm
Total load:up to 800 kg
Speed:up to 30 m/min
Drive variant:Direct / indirect drive
Chain modules (n):24 pieces (in the shortest version)
Chain module pitch:55 mm
Module design:closed / with thread / with thread and 2 index holes
Structural component holder:M8 connection (in chain module pitch 55 mm)
Installation position:any!
ErgoTek plastic modular chain conveyor MBF-P 55/120 1-lane

Basic version (1-lane)

Modular expansion options

ErgoTek modular chain:Belt width can be extended in steps of 120 mm up to 2,440 mm
- possible track widths: 160 / 280 / 400 / 520 / ... / 2,440 mm
(larger widths on request)
- Module combinations with different individual strands on request
ErgoTek modular chain:Belt length can be extended in increments of 27.5 mm up to 15,000 mm
(longer lengths on request)
Drive variants:without drive / direct or indirect drive
Accessories:Stands, component holders,... on request
ErgoTek plastic modular chain conveyor MBF-P 55/120 5-lane

Extended version (example 5-lane)

Extension to 4 deflections

ErgoTek modular chain:Belt width 160 / 280 mm – extension on request
ErgoTek modular chain:belt length 275 / 522.5 mm extendable up to 5,000 / 12,000 mm
(longer lengths and widths on request)
Chain modules (n):36 pieces (in the shortest version)
Drive variants:without drive / direct drive (internal or external)
Accessories:Stands, component holders,... on request
ErgoTek plastic modular chain conveyor MBF-P 55/120-4U 1-lane - 4 deflections

Extended version 4U (4 deflections)


Try our special CAD STEP data download service!

With our STEP data, we offer you the opportunity to integrate and test our products in your production application.
Convince yourself of our variability!

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Further information can be found under CAD STEP data download.

Pictures and video

Circulating indexing conveyor with 4 deflections, single-track (B=160mm)

Indexing conveyors with indirect drives

2-lane indexing conveyor (B=280mm)

Indexing conveyor with holders

Robot loading of a DN Solutions Puma 2600 MSB Lathe machine - infeed and outfeed

STEP data W = 280 mm

ErgoTek assembly line


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