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FlexiTek-80 modular belt conveyor New!

7. February 2022

We are expanding our modular belt conveyor portfolio
with the heavy-duty variant FlexiTek-80

FlexiTek-80 modular belt conveyor
Accumulating pallet circulation systems
for high loads

The FlexiTek-80 modular belt conveyor system was developed to transport larger weights safely. All the advantages of the already established Flexitek-55 system have also been incorporated into this variant.
This has resulted in a small space requirement and simple integration into control systems, even in the reinforced version.

Stackable pallet circulation systems are used for linking system components and for feeding and removing components.

Loading and unloading can be done manually (by worker) or automatically (by robot / handling).
The modular belt conveyor can be transported horizontally, in which case the holders are transported suspended in the return. Alternatively, the transport can be tilted by 90°, in which case the holders are cantilevered. The respective design depends on the application.

Stowable pallet circulation system for high loads

FlexiTek-80 modular belt conveyor (NEW!)


FlexiTek-55 modular belt conveyor

FlexiTek-80 W180
FlexiTek-80 W300

The solution:

We have chosen the MBF-P 80/120 conveyor system as the basis. A significant difference to the 55/120 system can be found in the deflectors. This increases the deflection from 172 mm to 320 mm. The WT lengths (viewed in the direction of travel) are variable and can be freely selected from 80 / 120 / 160 mm. The basic structural component holder can also be reconnected to each other.

Individual structural component holder can transport up to approx. 20 kg in circulation and up to approx. 45 kg in accumulation mode. The connection of several structural component holder increases the load capacity, allowing larger components to be transported.
The transport speed plays a decisive role in the design of the stoppers and separators.

Take advantage of our in-house technical service for the design and selection of systems.

The customer advantage:

  • Low maintenance and free of lubricants
  • Flexibly customizable
  • Safe to use
  • low space requirement
  • Simple integration into the control system
  • Expandable

This system can also be set up as a multi-leg variant, for example to transport very large components safely.
We have very few restrictions when it comes to the design of the workpiece carriers.

Our FlexiTek-55 modular belt conveyor is already listed on Go2automation.

Our FlexiTek-80 system is also available at the following link: Go2automation.

We look forward to your application!

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